Benton X Swan launches ‘Perfect Fresh Men’s Cleanser’

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Date 2023-07-05

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[Reporter Lee Kwang-ju of Fashion Biz]

- Jointly developed with men's beauty YouTuber 'Swan'... A product with both cooling and moisturizing properties

-Even anus skin can be cleaned. Also recommended as an anus cleanser for men

Clean beauty brand ‘BENTON’ CEO Jang-won Lee) announced that it has released ‘Perfect Fresh Men’s Cleanser’,

which is good for men to use in summer, in collaboration with men’s beauty YouTuber ‘Swan’.

Benton's new product was co-developed with Swan, a men's beauty YouTuber with more than 273,000 subscribers.

Swan is a male beauty YouTuber who usually emphasizes the importance of men's care.

Benton, which has its own research institute and presents high-quality products, collaborated

to introduce a non-irritating male cleanser with a refreshing cooling sensation and moisture.

The new ‘Perfect Fresh Men’s Cleanser’, which is not irritating and has a refreshing finish, is characterized by a refreshing cooling sensation and moisture.

The quick and refreshing cooling and soothing effect that appears immediately after use helps protect men's Y-zone in hot and humid summer weather like these days.

Most of all, it reduces the characteristic cold feeling or excessive cooling feeling felt in men's cleansers or cosmetics for men,

and gives a feeling of refreshment just by using it as a cooling feeling that allows you to feel the natural coolness while being subtle.

The product contains plant-derived surfactants and cypress water, tea tree, etc., helping to refresh and manage waste and body odor.

Antibacterial clinical and in vitro parallel tests, as well as tests to immediately improve the unpleasant odor of Y-zone were also completed.

In addition, it can be used with confidence as it has completed clinical trials

for immediate skin moisturizing improvement and temporary itching improvement caused by dryness.

The mild and fine bubbles containing saponin derived from soybeans and lentils help to cleanse the skin

by rolling more abundantly and gently without irritation. You can do Y-zone care that keeps the skin moist and hydrated while leaving the finish feeling soft but not dry.

In addition, it is judged as a non-irritating product with a stimulation index of 0.00, hypoallergenic ph formula,

volatile ethanol, sulfates, PEGs, and other harmful controversial ingredients are excluded from the source

to reduce the burden of irritation in the Y zone, which can be sensitive, so that even sensitive skin can use it.

Eight clinical tests for safe and effective product use have also been completed.

▲ Dermatologically Tested with a stimulation index of 0.00 ▲ Antibacterial activity 99.9% completed human application test (Escherichia coli, candida)

▲ Clinical trials completed for immediate odor improvement for men’s body odor ▲ Clinical trials completed for immediate moisturizing improvement

▲ Clinical trials completed for immediate blood circulation improvement ▲ Instant cooling Effect Clinical completion

▲ Immediate waste cleansing clinical trial completed ▲ Excellent effect was demonstrated through clinical trials for temporary itching caused by dryness.

An official from Benton said, “This product was developed for six months until the product was created, including the feeling of use,

cleaning power, fragrance, container, and design, by actively reflecting YouTuber Swan’s opinion.”

It is a hypoallergenic, slightly acidic cleansing cleanser that can be used as refreshingly as possible, and the finish is as refreshing as possible.

I hope you can enjoy the Y-zone's groin cooling effect, which tends to get wet in the hot summer.”

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